Elegant Hand Crafted Renaissance and Medieval Wares.....Customer Service
from the village smyths of olde Yaxley

Well our customer service is the best you will find. Probably the main reason is you are working with me and it is my business, and I recognize how important customer service is. I'm a customer also, and have encountered great and poor customer service...or as they say, no service- throughout my life. The basic concept seems simple enough, provide value, honesty, and the best product you can. Treat the customer as you want to be treated, when you are a customer. I have the old fashioned values and believe a handshake approach is the best deal maker there is. We can't do that over the internet, but you can email me and we can discuss your purchase and custom work before anything is done...and no obligation by the way. I've exchanged emails with folks all over the world and some are customers, and those who aren't are cyber friends.

I make the products, market the products, sell the products, do the design, manage my own website, and everything else involved with the business. I take pride in the work and even more pride in the satisfaction of the customers. Often they are so satisfied and appreciative they pay more than what I charge them. That warms the heart.

So how do I handle the complaints? Don't know, never had any.

I have to mention that since we are dealing with natural wood products, the appearances can be different than what is on the site. I email images as I progress through custom work and send images of other products before they are shipped. I don't want you to have any misunderstandings of what you are purchasing.

There is a legal disclaimer for the walking sticks though.

Since every Elegant Walking Stick and other natural wood products are unique, we cannot refund money if the natural appearance is not acceptable. However if the workmanship is defective, which is nearly impossible because I work every walking stick by hand and examine it dozens of times before it is ready for sale, then please contact us with the details.

We cannot warrant the suitability of the walking sticks for use, and are not responsible or liable for any injuries that may occur. The walking sticks are made from natural wood and their durability and strength is inherent in their growth and environment.

Please don't hesitate to send an email to:
with ANY comments, questions, suggestions, or help. It doesn't cost anything:)

Please keep us in mind,


Ye olde Yaxley Woodsmyth